Joint Ventures


The P2P Labs are the physical locations where the services are rendered by Pain2Performance, the Health & Wellness division of KaiZenergy International Inc.


Hayastan MMA is the Charlotte area’s “premier Mixed Martial Arts school for competition and physical fitness”.  KaiZenergy sponsors the Hayastan Fight Team through therapy and conditioning services with Brad Robinson. 


Custom Keto Diet

Experience the amazing results of the research-based nutrition craze with a customized ketogenic meal plan, based on YOUR body, YOUR goals, YOUR unique situation, and YOUR taste preference.

Promind Complex
(Elevate Your Brain)

Find out how you can FIGHT  against a “memory-devouring bacteria” and BOOST the strength of your brain cells. 

Yoga Burn

Join this highly effective, 12 week Yoga Burn challenge designed for women.  This unique, at-home routine combines the great benefits of Yoga with a calorie-burning, heart-pumping fitness element that will help you build an amazing shape. 

Hyperbolic Stretching

Flexibility is often the weak link in the “fitness chain” for many people…and we know that you’re only as STRONG as your WEAKEST LINK!  Better flexibility will help you INCREASE your range of motion, REDUCE injuries, DECREASE pain, and IMPROVE your blood flow.  Use this research-based program to EXPERIENCE your body like never before.             

Exercises for Injuries

This scientific program will lead you to “discover the missing piece to your exercise toolbox” and help you or your clients BREAK fitness PLATEAUS, speed up RESULTS, quickly RECOVER from injuries, and PREVENT them in the future.